Nest API for hot water


This thread is now closed:

Although we know nothing more about any potential schedule for releasing this functionality.

@betsyl - we understand that you cannot commit to release schedules but can you confirm the typical timeline for such feature requests so our expectations can be managed better than simply closing off a post despite there being such a degree of interest.

Many thanks.

Nest Hot Water API


I can tell you that we think of a feature as having three possible tags: Planned, Not Planned, and Completed.

Before it became a topic on this community, adding an API for hot water was untagged because we had not yet decided on a course of action. Now, we can tentatively say that the feature has moved from the untagged state to the Planned state.

I know this isn’t a satisfying answer, but it’s all we can say. I’m closing this thread because debating our internal timelines and policies is not the purpose of this community.


Nest Hot Water API
Hot water API missing