Nest API post to stream custom temp data to Nest


First post, please go easy on me.
I just got my Nest wired up at home. I realized it has all the initial setup stuff that I was going for a cloud based BBQ controller, which I have working (with LAMP stack, RPI and Python, soon to be NodeJS).
Is there anyways I can make the Nest display the food temp in the pic below?
Maybe control my Nest flash Orange when the food temp is within 5%(programmable) of the target temp? I want this because my Nest is right by my TV and with a kid, that works far better than a phone and email.
I already have email working and decided against writing an App.



Are you using a Nest thermostat? Nest thermostats are for ambient temperature control not cooking, so I’m a little confused here.


I guess I didn’t make it clear enough.
No, I am using a Raspberry Pi to control my grill’s temperature.
The Raspberry Pi is also running the LAMP stack to act as a web server so I can view the temps on a web browser when inside my network(or VPN-ed to our network).

My question is: Can the Nest be configured to act as a(an) display/alert device? Since I have my nest mounted next to my TV, if it starts flashing pink(or some other color) along with food temp, I know my food is almost ready.
I looked at the API and it seems to have calls to set temp and read data. There is no way for an API to customize the display.

And to address the “use your phone” crowd… I am not on my phone 90% of the time when I am watching my kid. If my kid is watching TV, she will always notifies me when the nest changes colors/turns on. It is way more efficient than my phone.


P.S. this is what the device looks like


Love the idea!

There is no API to edit or reconfigure the display on the thermostat however. BBQ and smoker projects are always my favorite though!