Nest at Google I/O '16



I/O is all about giving developers the tools to build amazing things. To us, that means expanding and updating Works with Nest so developers can use what Nest knows to make their products better – to turn the lights on to help scare off burglars or warn you about a water leak when you’re on vacation.

So in advance of Google I/O, we launched OpenThread – an open source implementation of Thread, the low-power communication protocol that allows Nest to connect to other products without draining batteries or relying on Wi-Fi. At I/O, developers could see OpenThread and some Works with Nest products in our Sandbox or dive in and start building apps using the Works with Nest web APIs in our Code Lab. They could make an app right there and watch a live Nest Thermostat react to it.

We also updated the Works with Nest Camera API. Now if someone has a Nest Cam, Works with Nest products can show them snapshots of what Nest Cam saw. Or, if their Nest Cam has Activity Zones set up – spots in the house that they want to keep an eye on – a Works with Nest product can do the right thing if there’s motion there.

For more pictures and to see new Works with Nest updates at I/O '16 checkout our blog post here: