Nest Cam Indoor: Reading Body Motion - Are they Partying in My House?


Hello Nest Developer,

I’m really interested in using Nest Cam indoor camera for an important side project. Is it possible to access counts of the body movement, possibly read from the Nest cam and notify me, through email or write to a text file using the developer tools? I looked through the camera and read.last_event/has_Person Or read.activity_zones seems like a possibility.

Context: I am an undergrad student, and work night shifts. My friends like to party, and invite friends of friends, we made an agreement to install the camera and only allow 15 people to occupy our the apartment. It would be great if I could use Nest cam to count the number of people detected using a motion and notify me. And also possibly activate the camera, when music volume is at a certain decibel/loudness. I really appreciate any feedback for improvements, and considering expanding the feature in the future. Say count the total occupancy in the house based on detection, and decrement when somone exits (towards the camera-mounted at the exit door).

Thank you!



The API won’t give counts, but that doesn’t mean you could just count on your own.

This won’t help your use case however. Nest Cam does not keep track of individual people, just can determine if a person was in the frame or not.



When you say it determines a person was in the frame, does that mean if two or more people where in the frame, it would only count as 1 detection determined inot the frame? And is there any attribute/object that tells how close the determined person is from the camera?

Thank you so much for responding :slight_smile:



No it can’t count people in a frame. If two or more were noticed it would still be a single notification.

It will only tell you if a person was detected, not the distance, height, and thankfully for me…weight. It cannot count specific people or tell you if one person left or arrived, just if there was a person was detected.