Nest Camera Private RTMP Stream Developer Access


Obviously a camera’s stream can be made public, exposing a stream URI, but I’ve not seen any documentation for private stream access. Such a stream already exists (the nest website appears to be using an RTMP URI to provide an in-browser stream). When will the protocol to get this stream URI (and necessary arguments) be published for developer use? The public URI option is all but useless since I know very few people who would be comfortable with the cameras in their home being open to the world…

I could see the argument for this being difficult to implement if the stream didn’t already exist, but given that it clearly does exist, I’m struggling to see a justification outside of Google trying to drive cloud service sales by providing no viable alternatives. Please feel free to prove my pessimistic interpretation wrong :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feature request. The Nest API currently does not provide this ability. However, I have let our product team know about your request.

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Can you provide any insight as to when this might be supported? Given that the functionality already exists and simply needs to be documented, I would assume a very short timeline…


Hi, looking for the same feature.
Is there any ETA for it?

Thank you



Thanks for your message. I’ve updated the ticket to let the product manager know that multiple developers are interested in this feature. Apologies, but I have no idea how this feature will be prioritized.



I’ve been requesting this for around 2 years now for my Apple TV app and they haven’t given any indication that we will ever get the ability to stream our video via API. Although Echo Show somehow was given access, which is kind of a bummer (granted, they have some more money than an indie dev like myself…)