Nest Cameras Issues ( and API)


Is there any global problem with the cameras going on?

I can’t see the stream on (neither from the simulator cam or physical cams), it just hangs there loading. I spotted some errors on the console like: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) - dropcam/api/cameras/fake78eaca942028432d891087b0ed750ec5?_=1522718055641

Using the API, I can’t use the snapshot_url or web_url.
The web_url I get is basically a empty nest page, where I found this error in the js console: “camera does not exist”. Here’s a screenshot:
The snapshot_url I get is just “” and I can’t seem to use it. According to the docs, I should have received something like: “string1/device_id/string2?auth=camera_token” and that wasn’t the case.

Thanks in advance


Just figured out the “camera does not exist” part. I was accessing the URL while logged in with a different account than the one I used to authorize my app. Now I have this error:


Are you still having this problem? When you just log in to your account normally (don’t use the API URL), does the camera show up with a working stream?