Nest Developer Community Guidelines



Nest Developer Community Guidelines

These community guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a user of the Nest Developer Community. We and other users should respect the license terms of content you share, so if content you share is subject to a license, please make that known.

Be excellent to each other
Treat everyone with respect. We want users to feel comfortable asking product questions, sharing knowledge, and providing feedback. Build on each other’s ideas. Participate while acknowledging that everyone deserves to be heard as well. Each community member has the right to enjoy our experience without fear of harassment, discrimination, or condescension. Assume positive intent. Don’t get caught in the line of fire. We all benefit when we create together.

Speak up, lead, and escalate.
Users are empowered to lead forum and social conversations and to share and connect with other users. Please escalate technical issues and abusive behavior to the Nest Developer Community team.

Keep personal and confidential information away
You may not publish or post your or other people’s private and confidential information, such as email addresses or device serial numbers. You also may not publish or post confidential information from Nest, such as Nest developer documentation that is obtained by Nest Developers who have agreed to the Nest Developer Terms of Service. If you believe a user has posted such information, please escalate the matter to the Nest Developer Community team.

Account management
Nest accounts and Nest Developer Community accounts are separate accounts and should be managed or deleted separately.

Stay on topic
To give every user the best experience please keep posts relevant to the Nest Developer Program. Relevant topics include but are not limited to, the Nest API, Nest Weave, Home Simulator, Works with Nest or areas relevant to helping other developers work with Nest. For product questions, support, and feedback please visit us at We are also available by phone, chat, and on Twitter @nest and @nestsupport. The Nest Developer Community staff may remove, edit, archive, or close topics that are off topic, violation of the terms or at the discretion of the Nest Developer Community Staff.

Respect the brand
The goals of the Nest Developer Community are Nest Developer education and community building—not promoting your own pages or websites. Using a company or business name, logo, or other trademark-protected materials, including referral codes, links, etc., in a manner that may mislead or confuse other community members is prohibited.

Join in and have fun
This is your community. Don’t be afraid to dig in, get involved, and just have fun! There’s a lot to learn and share with other users of the Nest Developer Community. User and developer feedback is an important part of product improvement experience and can make everyone’s user experience richer.