Nest doorbell Chime and alternate power option


Hello My name is Michael Brooks, I own a home automation company and I am partnered with nest as a pro installer. I keep running into 2 common issues while installing the nest doorbell for customers. The biggest issue is the chime. Alot of the customers in the northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas don’t have Existing doorbells, and the cost for the customer to have an electrician install one is to expensive for them to bother. Because of that, the amount of customers requesting the hello doorbell is decreasing exponentially. To the point that its getting a fairly bad name. Now i understand that losing a customer or 2 isn’t necessarily a detriment to Nests’ quarterly income. But from where i’m sitting, it appears nest could be losing a crud ton of sales quarterly. I have customers that refuse to use the hello doorbell, that run home construction companys’, and install full nest home automation systems in condominiums, town homes, and houses that they build before placing on the market because it isnt as adaptable as the other nest products. I know that the doorbell wouldn’t have the capability to connect because it has neither the hardware or software to connect to a wireless chime…But an RF dongle wired between the doorbell power supply, and a wireless chime with an RF reciever could work without having to update any existing hardware or software on the hello doorbell. For an alternate power source a simple mirrored flat lithium ion battery pack that sits on the other side of the wall where the doorbell is located could be a simple solution. you could even have the pack plug directly into an outlet. There are a ton of inexpensive ways to set up a wireless chime system for the doorbell that wouldnt interfere with the hello doorbells voltage and functionality. The sooner nest puts a system like that on the market the better. heck ill beta test the crud out of any ideas you guys have in some of my customers homes or my own home just to get it going.