Nest doorbell's api


Hello, I wonder if nest doorbell offers api/sdk for voice and video?


Thanks for your interest in the Nest Hello video doorbell.
This product is planned for 2018, and as such, we don’t have any API news to announce.

Stay tuned!


How about now?


Nest Hello cameras should now be appearing in the API like any other camera device. It should have the same contents, last event, activity zones, etc.

There are no new fields in the API for the device, however. When there’s any news around that we’ll be sure to post it here.


Would be nice to be able to respond to someone pressing the doorbell…


Is there any update on this, I cannot find anything in the camera for has_pressed or similar?


Doorbell button pressed “has_pressed” (or whatever it actually may be) is much needed!
Still no api documentation regarding this when it comes to the Nest Hello.

Will more be published soon? We’re coming on to Sept 2018 now…


Would really love to have this. Also hoping for HomeKit integration…


Come on! We need a proper Hello API asap! Don’t forget to add a unlock door event to the API to unlock other locks than Nest x Yale. I’m tired of companies trying to force users to use specific products.


Ok Google, it is time for an API!.
Please share as we can develop all kinds of IFTTT applets for the doorbell, plus use it in Domotica. Doorbell response is so slow when someone is at the door. Takes an average from ring to full screen view in app in about 45 seconds. Way to long, the deliverer is gone in 20 seconds.


For my use case totally useless, my wife is disapointed and that is a kill criteria.
What the hell the notification takes this long.
Withou an API it is for the bin.


Its been a year or so since the release of Hello. What is the schedule for a complete Hello API release? I want to use the Nest system for a daycare app but I am concerned that Nest may be abandoning the Hello.


Still nothing on an actual date for this?


Waiting for info on the doorbell API as well


You lost a sale. I will buy a Ring instead (with an API supported by Stringify) although it pains me to do so…



any progress on this? I just had Hello installed and think the product is great but the API seems to be lacking. Specifically, would love to start all kinds of projects with Hello if a user presses button.


Would be great to turn on Philips Hue light when the Hello doorbell is pressed.


Now, one week short of March, 2019, still no API (at least to my knowledge). It wouldn’t be that hard to add it into the nest cam, just add a button press.


Looks like that API option is not possible for some reasson?
Would be graet if the button is pressed ans some lights will turn on.

Before buying this Nest Hello i tought that surely would be no problem at all.

Can someone confirm this?