Nest Hello API Availability


Will the NestHello API be out before it ships?


When we have something to publicly announce regarding the API, I’ll be sure to post it here. Until then there’s no information to share about a Nest Hello API.


Any news ?


Any news on “Hello” API?


Are we still waiting?


any news yet?


Any news regarding google’s plan to release a complete API for doorbell? Your last post on this topic was January 2018, is September. Do you continue to work on the Nest team? There is so much more that developers should be able to access: doorbell event, facial recognition event, sending audio to doorbell in response to a doorbell button selection… The current Nest app must have access to all of this, so why not developers? I would appreciate a current schedule or indication that improved API is in development (OR NOT).


Come on Nest! Give us some news!


It’s frustrating that the doorbell_pressed event is still not available and no news on a timeline has been shared.

To my fellow frustrated Hello owners: this is a silly workaround but I am using a motion sensor stuck to my mechanical doorbell chime to trigger IFTTT in the meantime.


Really frustrating that nest Hello and the Nest Lock have no APIs. Really limits their potential.


Bump. Here’s hoping it will happen soon.