Nest Home & Thermostat picker



In the product review guidelines, it says:
Products should support Nest accounts that may contain one or more homes. Some products may be linked to only one Nest home. In these cases, developers must provide users the ability to select the appropriate home.
Products that do not provide a user a way to select the appropriate home for linking (for example, a structure picker) will be rejected.

In my app(android), i am using spinner(dropdown picker) for multiple homes and another spinner for multiple thermostats. My question is, if user has only 1 home and 1 device, could we hide the spinner from the UI? If there are more homes and more Nest devices in a home, then the app can show the spinner.



Hi Gaurav,

As far as I know, that’s fine, as long as the structure picker is enabled when the user has more than one home.


It should be acceptable to default to the 1 home and 1 thermostat if that is all the user has available, however if a user later adds a second home or thermostat, the app should recognize this addition and handle it appropriately.


Thats great!! This will help a lot.
It not a good practice to keep visible the unusable UI control in interface.

Thanks a lot guys