Nest Hot Water API


The only update we can provide is what we’ve already said:

We know people want it and it’s been logged as a feature request. We’re not ignoring you, there’s just nothing else we can tell you, sorry.


Then how about you get a member of the team with ability to actually answer a question rather than continually fobbing every request off with the same answer.

Nest were one of the first Smart Controls and many people invested in you which gave you the lead in the market. How about treating Aall of you customers with some respect and explain WHY it’s taking so long OR tell us it’s NO coming so we can dump all of our Nest Leoducts and move to another ecosystem.

I’m going to be applying for a refund via my credit card for all 8 of my Nest devices as they are simply not upto standard and I know I’ll get a refund.

I’d advise all others unhappy to do the same.


In case anyone hasn’t seen it.

A clever chap has managed to do what Nest can’t or more likely WON’T do

It’s a bit confusing for me as I’ve not managed to implement it yet (as I don’t have online server space to make it work) but for anyone with more knowledge than me, this does seem doable.


Not far off the year mark since these threads started and the admins locked the threads. Do we have any updates? The Alexa Nest skill was full of complaints about this issue last time I looked.

Edit - in fact the first thread was October 2016. Disappointing were drawing towards 2 years waiting with no answers.


I am introducing home automation into my house controlled via Amazon Alexa. I have some lights, switches and sockets working great - my most recent purchase is a Nest Learning Thermostat. I am surprised to learn (after the event) that Alexa cannot control the hot water system. I just thought… ‘Alexa, Turn On/Off Hot Water Boost’ … would have been a ‘given’… I am very disappointed to read this issue has still not been addressed despite having been raised by the community so long ago…


Is there any update on this?


Still waiting on this feature years later. I can’t understand why is such a big deal to implement. Multiple threads in this appear in the most requested features and it’s actually a very simple API to implement. What’s the issues in providing this feature?


No idea, they don’t give updates which is quite frustrating.

If you are reading this and don’t have a nest yet perhaps consider buying an alternative!


Hey nest,

If you either don’t have the resources or can’t be arsed, why not open source or grant some access to your code base.

I’ll happily implement your missing hot water API and do it for you. Then all you need to do is review my pull request and test it. Hell if you release a beta build I’m sure you can get most of the people on this forum to test it for you.



Really disappointed to discover that Nest lacks this basic API. I recently switched from Hive which I was really happy with but had lots of other Nest products and assumed that as Nest is owned by Google, that there would be great support for developers. Can’t believe this issue has been going on for years and they have still done nothing about it.
Says a huge amount about the lack of respect Nest has for it’s developer community.


Yes I agree, really disapponted and I wouldnt recommend buying this as a result. I have my nest for over 18 months and I expected hot water API for the likes of Alexa in just a few months from then. I basically now avoid nest and google products as it just seems to be a ploy to encourage you switch to google stuff. No consumer wants a walled garden for smart devices.


Aye, this is really disappointing it is still not available. I hoped when Google acquired Nest they’d solve these problems but seems they are leaving the company to “do its own thing” and not provide much APIs.

Already cancelled order for the Nest Hello doorbell as no API for ‘activated’ doorbell, I’ll have to go with the other competitor for this device.

Next step is to replace the Nest Thermostat.