Nest Protect speaker utilized as Nest Hello doorbell chime


Since Nest products seem to integrate well together, wouldn’t it make sense to give users the option to have the speaker within the Nest Protect play a chime when the Nest Hello doorbell button is depressed?

The low voltage wire leading to our upstairs doorbell chime is broken and I am unable to reconnect it. I would like to install a Nest Protect in the doorbell chime’s place and use the 110 volt power source that is already present to power it. If Nest Hello were able to communicate with Nest Protect, the speaker located within Protect could play a doorbell chime when the button were depressed. Therefore, I would gain both a powered detector and a working doorbell chime upstairs. In essence, I could kill two birds with one stone. This would seem both logical and possible since both devices (Protect and Hello) are connected to the same network.


Hi, this community is focused on questions related to the Nest API, rather than general product functionality. Your question is better suited for the main Nest Product Community, I would suggest asking it there:

That said, the Protect is a safety device, the functions for that device were built with that in mind.