Nest SDK for iOS to listen to Nest Protect



I have an iOS App that use nest protect, i want an SDK to listen for changes to smoke alarms.
there is SDK for Android link : but i didnt find the same for iOS



The iOS sample is admittedly out of date. We don’t have plans to update it soon but will try and take a look quicker. I should not that the SDK isn’t required so you can still use firebase or rest streaming to listen for events.

And then commit it back to the open source library :slight_smile:


Hi Urman, I have this problem too.
How can i implement the streaming api for the Smoke alarm on swyft Ios without using the sdk?
can you point me out the right guide? i did not find a clear tutorial.

Many Thanks,



We’re going to have to rethink this here. It’s being considered to move all of our SDK’s away from the Firebase implementation and to a REST Streaming or a Pub/Sub implementation.


so there is no way to use the straming apis without use the the old sdk?


Only for Firebase. You can still use REST Streaming for a streaming socket, which I would recommend either way.


I am quite new to streaming apis. can you point out a guide for this?