Nest Secure API


Is there any information forthcoming around the Nest Secure API?


Thank you for your question. There is currently no Secure API available; however, please watch this space for any updates related to this feature.


What about the ability to use google Home to activate? This was announced, but no clarity on the timeline. When will this be available? Which will come first, Home voice commands or an API?


Looking for support for this as well. Really annoying you can’t Auto-Arm based on time of day through the Nest App - looking to add via the API.


Unfortunately we can’t provide any timelines or updates associated with voice assistant integration or API updates related to Nest Secure.


Most unfortunate, but I appreciate your response. I hope this is in the works for January, as functionality is far more limited in the current scenario.

An API would address the most annoying part of Secure, punching in a code or launching the app. The App takes 10+seconds to unlock phone, launch app, and deactivate alarm. Manually take 10-20 seconds, with travel time and typing (and I don’t like carrying a token). API would be instantaneous for me.


Totally agree. HUGE missing feature not being able to arm/disarm based on time


Yes, arm/disarm based on time or integration with items like 3rd party tools would be great. Even an announcement of integration with Google home would be nice. Today, I cannot even arm/disarm via the web access.


Any updates on arming/disarming the secure product via the API?

Really need to get this working ASAP.



I totally agree, having an API for arming/disarming is quite basic if you want to integrate this alarm system into a smart home environment. If there are no plans to release the API I will have to move on to another brand.


Nearing Q2 with no updates since before winter about google home integration or API for nest secure. Is this a dead product without investment?


Any updates on an API?


No update.


I received an email today stating unlocking the Yale lock deadbolt would disable the nest secure automatically. I imagine this is done through an API. Is this API simply not published?


@Ffranksjr That is done device-to-device using Weave, similar to how the Nest Guard communicates locally with the Nest Detect sensors. This is completely separate from the WWN API and not something that is open.

That said, directly disarming a security system through a public API is not something that is added lightly, because it is a security risk. Not even the Google Home integration with Nest Secure is allowed to do so (you can only arm it by voice).


Yet if somebody breaks the glass on my door and unlocks the deadbolt, then my security is turned off. I prefer take my chances with voice. :slight_smile:


The Lock+Secure integration is an optional feature, you can disable it if you want.


Agreed. More of a statement regarding security risk. I trust an API more than I would a deadbolt.


Well for your particular concern, if you have a Nest Secure, you probably have a Detect sensor on your front door. So if someone breaks a side window to reach in and manually unlock the deadbolt from the inside, the sensor on the door will detect that movement (perhaps even the initial broken glass) and set off the alarm before they can even unlock the door.


Any chance of alarm integration into Nest Protects and or Google home? I think integration with nest protects to set of an alarm on designated or all nest protects would be a really good feature so you don’t have to worry about the one nest guard ommiting the siren in a case of a break-in… thoughts on if this is in the works?