Nest Secure API


We are always looking for ways to integrate our products better, but keep in mind that the Protect was designed as a safety device, not as a security device or an extension of the Google Home.

If you have a lot of questions or suggestions on product improvements or integrations, a better place to ask them is on the product community:

This site is primarily for help with the WWN API.


Now that Google Home can arm, any chance an API can do the same?



“Yet if somebody breaks the glass on my door and unlocks the deadbolt, then my security is turned off.” Is this even true? It makes sense to me that punching a valid code into the lock to unlock it can also disarm the alarm, but if the alarm is active and someone simply turns the deadbolt from the inside, personally I’d think the alarm should still fire. Isn’t that part of the point of the Quiet Open feature of the Detects?


but if the alarm is active and someone simply turns the deadbolt from the inside, personally I’d think the alarm should still fire.

If you enable the Lock+Secure integration, Nest Secure disarms any time you unlock the Yale Lock, regardless of whether you’re inside or not. Otherwise it won’t.


Then indeed, I agree, that’s an issue, though one that should be fixable via software update. Manually unlocking the door from the inside shouldn’t disarm the alarm. If the alarm is enabled and you want to leave the house, you should have to hit the button on the Nest Detect on the door, I thought that was the whole point of the button…


I would really like to be able to get the open/close status of all door & window sensors and motion status of all sensors… If this were possible, getting Nest Detects for every single room, door and window would make sense as it could then be integrated into smart home software for room occupancy, etc.


Couldn’t agree more @jarr . @jbumgardner the failure to make all statuses available via an API is a gross oversight that has me regretting my purchase every single day. My Nest Secure sits unused, and sensors remain in their boxes.

Also, while more understandable, equally as exhausting to hear from product teams making decisions around what is ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’. Make sure your API’s and hardware are secure, allow users to opt-in to certain features w/ acknowledgement of the risks.

Emphasis on the first one being the largest problem, because I refuse to have two door/window/motion sensors in each location to feed data to my broader smart home system, I’m going to have to figure out what to do w/ my Nest Secure.

To anyone that has a smart home setup (from Wink/Smartthings down to HASS/OpenHAB, etc), DO NOT buy the Nest Secure solution until they actually address this with something a bit more than a nebulous “still no update.”