Nest Service Logout


Please clarify the below regarding Nest Service logout

  1. I tried to delete access token when user attempts to logout from Nest Service. I also tried to clean up web view cache pro grammatically . App still receives web view with “Accept” option when we invoke authorization URL

How can we ensure App gets Nest Login Page (with userName and Password fields)after Acesss token is revoked


I believe you are wondering why you get the permission page with the “Accept” button instead of a login page after revoking a token. The reason is because you still have a valid web session and thus single sign-on is attempting to authorize using an existing session. If you scroll to the bottom of the permissions page, you will find a link “Sign in to a different account >” This link clears the existing session and forces the user to login screen.


Does this mean there is programmatically no way for me to clear the web session inside my app context? Once logged via Nest Webview we have to use the option "Sign in to a different account " to allow user to enter his new login credetails .
Is it possible to clear web session using any of the Nest API’S ?



It is not possible to revoke the user’s session programmatically as this will also affect their login to

If you want to force the user to log in each time (not recommended) you can use a private web view rather than one with stored/shared credentials. This will prevent the cookies from being remembered between sessions, annoying the user with unnecessary password entry.