Nest Streaming API - at 10 images per minute Intervals




I am using the nest streaming api to get snapshots at regular intervals, the issue I am facing is it is currently getting about 2 images per minute using when I set ‘is_streaming’ function to True.Is it possible to increase the frequency to its upper limit i.e. 10 per minute.

Additionally how can i configure it to send me a picture any time, even if there is no motion on a set interval schedule using the streaming API.

I am using your sample web app as per the below GIT account:

Guidance will be really helpful.


Rate limits can’t be changed, but you can get 10 snapshots per minute if you have a Nest Aware subscription.

Rest Streaming is event based, so it’s only going to send a snapshot when something triggers it to. If you want to pull a snapshot regularly, you should use normal Rest polling, and request the snapshot_url.