Nest Thermostat API returning Room Sensor Temperature?


I have a customer with a Nest Learning Thermostat and multiple Nest Temperature Sensors paired to it.

Our service normally polls Nest API, and grabs the temperature at the thermostat:

‘ambient_temperature_c’: 21.0,
‘ambient_temperature_f’: 70,

However, what we are seeing is that this ambient temperature is the temperature at one of the Nest Temperature Sensors, not the ambient temperature at the actual thermostat. The thermostat at this time was 73F ambient temperature, but one remote temperature sensor was 70F, and the ambient_temperature_f API response always tracks this remote temperature sensor, not the thermostat itself.

Is this expected at all?


Just following up to see if anyone else has experienced this.


The WWN API does not interact with the Nest Temperature Sensor or bring that data into the API at all.

I can’t speak exactly to what you observe, but the temps between what the unit, the app, and the API display can occasionally be off from each other by a degree or two based on things like a delay in reported temp or the rounding that is used for the API.


Thanks for the info. In this case, it is off by about 5F, and we waited 20 minutes for everything to settle as well, and it was the same.

I have a screenshot of the customer’s app, and timestamp, as well as the API result. I was wondering if there was a way I could provide it, including the access token, privately, for more analysis?