Nest Thermostat Motion Sensor



IOT. Looking for a way to integrate motion from my Nest thermostat into zwave Vera lite controller. My Challenge is my wife wakes up in the morning and I want the hall way light to turn on, so she doesn’t wake me by turning on the bedroom light. The only current sensor I have in the master bedroom is the nest Thermostat,which wakes up and displays the temp, so without spending any more money on sensors I would like to benefit from the one that exists. I haven’t found any info in the API documentation explaining the calls/commands for motion detection. Final thought, I would like to create a scene in Vera that if it senses motion(from nest therm), switch on leviton zwave (in hallway and already controlled by the vera lite controller).

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Jeff R
I.T. Manager SSR


This is not currently possible, as the output from the motion sensor in the thermostat is not exposed in the API.


Hi Lionell,

I have started automating my house and I would like to access the motion sensor API. It would be great to expose the API so I can read and write into the sensor. This way I can:

1- Trigger my nest, when there is motion in any of my sensors (my nest is located next to the entrance, but I have 2 sensors in my room and hallway.

2- Turn on my hue lamp when my nest sensor detects any motion.

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Is there some hope that presence and ambient light will be exposed in the API? Also applies to Nest Protect. I am sure that existing integrations like Philips Hue would benefit as well (imagine turning on a “real” light, instead of the ring on the Protect).

If not, would it be possible to share the rationale behind such an intentional limitation?


Motion sensor events would be a huge benefit.

Please add to API or IFTTT or something.

Not having such capabilities just means people have to buy other solutions that aren’t Nest.