Nest Thermostat - Outdoor Temperature


I see the ‘Outdoor Temperature’ on the display of my Nest Thermostat but do not see this information in the Thermostat structure? Am I missing something?


The weather/forecast displayed on the thermostat aren’t provided by Nest, but come from a 3rd party online weather service based on the thermostat’s location. It’s not provided in the API because it comes from a 3rd party.


OK. That is what I am doing now but I thought that I could use the information from my Nest instead of using a 3rd party. Could you share the source with me so I don’t have the mismatch in outdoor temperature values or is this somewhat proprietary?


It uses the Weather Channel (see Incorrect Weather Information section here).

So I would suggest using their Weather Underground API.


OK. Thanks.



Thanks 386414!
By the way, does anyone know the rate limit for the url?
I was running an experiment and obviously frequency of one second seems too high.
I found out rate limits to Yahoo weather api is 2000 calls/day, but not sure if it’s gonna be similar with the given url.


Thanks jbumgardner!

But it says “we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution”. Now, can Nest give the developers the access to outdoor temperature?


Nest cannot provide 3rd party weather data through our API. Since Weather Underground is no longer free for all you’d have to either request keys as a business or find a new free service.


I’m not sure I followed. So bottom line, which weather site does the Nest Thermostat pull from? Is it Weather Underground?


It uses the Weather Channel. Weather Underground is an API (no longer public for all) that sources the same data produced by the Weather Channel.


Is there a way to have the Outdoor Temperature in Nest displayed on the main screen ? same screen and internal temp and temp set?