Nest Works With SmartThings (or others?)


I’m getting started in the world of home automation, and finding myself somewhat frustrated with Nest’s developer surface. The doc on Away & ETA says:

Nest uses a variety of signals to detect human presence in a Home. If Nest detects no presence for an extended period of time, it automatically sets the home to Away.

The Nest waits a half-hour or more from the absence of motion that it can see before going into Eco mode. Sometimes, if all the activity is upstairs, it can get it wrong (hence the delay, to be sure). My SmartThings setup will soon involve motion sensors around the house as well as presence sensors that together will give a very reliable idea of whether someone is home. However, if I were to set up a SmartThings action to use the Nest API and put the Nest into Eco mode, Nest no longer employs its intelligence about when to expect us home – it remains in Eco until explicitly taken out. (That’s why the Nest guidelines prohibit doing that, and I think rightly so. SmartThings can’t understand when I’m going to be home, which Nest attempts to predict and respond to.) The reverse, explicitly putting it into Home mode when it sees we’ve arrived but Nest hasn’t noticed yet, seems entirely reasonable (but is also prohibited for some reason).

I don’t really care so much about making data from Nest available to my SmartThings devices. I don’t want SmartThings poking the Nest and changing my configured settings, temperature, etc. I want Nest to leverage the sensors in my SmartThings network as part of Home/Away Assist, using them as part of the “variety of signals to detect human presence”. Is there a reason Nest shouldn’t/doesn’t support other devices providing input for its algorithmic consideration?



Thank you for your feature request. The Nest API currently does not provide this ability. However, I have let our product team know about your request.