New things for spring



Check out these new API features for the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam, plus multiplex support for REST Streaming apps:

Thermostat API improvements

  • LabelAdd a custom thermostat labelLabel
  • (appears in parentheses, after the where name)
  • Write the temperature scale (set F/C)
  • Read Temperature Lock status, and if true, read min/max locked temperature values

Camera API improvements

  • New snapshot feature - capture an image on demand
  • Activity zones
  • Read the names of all the activity zones
  • After a motion event, see the activity zone(s) where the event was triggered
  • See if video access is set to public, and if it is, get the public share URL


Consider multiplex if you’re using REST Streaming to manage more than 50 users in a Cloud-to-Cloud integration. With multiplex, you can read data in near real-time from many user devices with a single HTTPS connection. Plus, we added advice on how to manage multiple multiplex connections:

  • When to create a new multiplex connection
  • What to do when an access token is invalid or missing
  • How and when to reestablish multiplex connections

Other improvements

  • Works with Nest Store - easily reorder images and choose the primary image for your store listing’s product page
  • Updated humidity advice - it’s always rounded to the nearest 5%
  • FeedbackHelpfulness voteImproved feedback - after you rate article helpfulness, now you can add a comment about what you like or how we can improve the site

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