(NEW tool) FAQ: Product Review Checklist


FAQ: Product Review Checklist

To help with Works with Nest client integrations, we have published a Product Review Checklist.

What is the Product Review Checklist?

The Product Review Checklist is a form that allows you to select Pass, No, or Not Applicable for each item in the Product Review Guidelines. This reminds you which test cases are important, helps your product pass the review faster, and helps ensure that the integration is stable and complies with the Product Review Guidelines.

Why is the Product Review Checklist needed?

We created the Product Review Checklist to serve as a test plan to help developers prepare for product review. By allowing you to self-check and test your devices and apps before we review them, we can speed up the review and help you improve the quality of your integration.

When should I complete the Product Review Checklist?

When your product has close to 50 unique users and you want to add more users, the Product Review Checklist is step 2:

  1. Test to make sure that your product complies with our policies and guidelines.
  2. Complete the Product Review Checklist.
  3. Submit your product for review.
  4. Make any requested changes not caught during the self-check.

What if some of the guidelines do NOT apply to my product?

That’s fine. If an item does not apply to your device or app, click Not Applicable in the Product Review Checklist. We will look at the results of your self-check and evaluate your device and app accordingly. It is very important that you specify which guidelines do not apply to your product so that we can complete the product review in a timely manner.

What should I do if I haven’t tested all items that DO apply to my product?

Keep testing and complete the self-check form later. Or, if you want to complete the form now, click No for each applicable item that you haven’t tested. You can edit the form later.

If you have some No responses and you have already submitted your product for review in the Developer Console, we will close your console request. Re-submit your product for review after all applicable items are Pass.

What should I do after I have finished testing my No items?

Edit your Product Review Checklist or start a new one, this time changing your No items to Pass or Not Applicable. Then submit your product for review.

Is it okay to mark an item Pass if I haven’t tested it?

No. When we notice that a product isn’t actually tested, we will immediately stop reviewing the product, reject your product-review request, and ask you to return to the testing phase.