No data (but keep-alive) over REST Streaming


Hi, we are using the REST Streaming API to continuously receive updates on a set of thermostats. We can successfully establish the connection and typically receive data and keep-alive events. Sometimes (after several hours or days) a connection may get closed by the Nest server, but then we establish a new connection and normally this approach has worked fine.

However, we recently had an issue where we had established a successful connection over which we initially received data. After several days, however, we stopped receiving data but kept getting keep-alive events (as usual about every 30s). We know that we are missing data because when we change the temperature of the thermostats via the Nest homepage we are not receiving data updates over the REST Streaming API. Previously changes via Nest homepage were propagated over the REST Streaming API within a second. How is it possible that we keep getting keep-alive events but no data?


Hi, sorry for the late response. I have sent the question out to our engineers, but can you tell me how often this is happening? Like every other connection or just once in a while?


Hi, I have sent you more details about our client in a private message. So far we have seen this happen only once.


Hello there, I am running into a similar situation with the the rest streaming API but way more quickly than described. I successfully call the nest api endpoint with my token and get the nest data correctly but once done, I keep getting keep-alive and no put event even if something happen in my nest homepage.


Hi there, we seem to getting a similar situation arise from time to time. We can successfully connect to the streaming API and sometimes we get a steady stream of messages, other times we only get keepalives - no other messages, even when the stream is for a known-good token and we’re doing actions on the Nest thermostat that would normally come down the stream. Have there been known issues with the Nest stream in recent months?