No last_event in Nest Cam JSON document


Why would this attribute be missing? The cloud app has Camera + Image read permissions. Thanks!



Not sure what you mean. We do have a set of last_event APIs.

Am I misunderstanding your question?



Thanks for the reply! I’m getting a response from devices/camera/:deviceid that looks like this:

    "name": "Office",
    "software_version": "214-610038",
    "where_id": "o82ViWzQ8IrHRwe0c3WN7OSAhLcsZ-wmtXEtazk4nQbHUM3h4DJmNg",
    "device_id": "cGMzeXVqv2BcsVcRDhL_QwpTQWB6VNAmE1peU2wN7yICQhrl8ppF3A",
    "structure_id": "IjmkloFYgsnCHPzWoRCn0FESmE7_ZBeyOGK3d584S3vOzoCDROqHVA",
    "is_online": true,
    "is_streaming": true,
    "is_audio_input_enabled": true,
    "last_is_online_change": "2017-10-09T16:07:04.000Z",
    "is_video_history_enabled": true,
    "is_public_share_enabled": false,
    "where_name": "Office",
    "name_long": "Office Camera",
    "web_url": "",
    "app_url": "nestmobile://cameras/CjZjR016ZVhWcXYyQmNzVmNSRGhMX1F3cFRRV0I2Vk5BbUUxcGVVMndON3lJQ1Focmw4cHBGM0ESFmJJOHk0SnNCSWUteE9RdUJXeDJRckEaNjgwbk1JN1JBR0ZiYUVYSHUzeTB6RDdkTnZfMmlla19rTWFmcE1JMXl0NUdyTTVNeFFaQ282dw?auth=376QWSkXwifiv37bjwEUL9jSj29Vzxr43sVslAZzQmaEUQZ2uJb-rfjFdr4Mtw1e-KF1TTidKGYuumM9NbLbYe2H_21Ax1zKemkFvStIWDIhNDW0CwV076lU4wK5y8g_JXb6R36pB3fAV5J8Ad6GMP6fwZ219u1tXyLe_fFanF7zKWdzL7g_JK5Ee75b86UWNQR630pVaAF3Jk",
    "snapshot_url": ""

There’s no last_event attribute in there. I know there should be a last event since I’m getting notifications and snapshot images from this camera in my email.


Thanks for clarifying. Is there an active Nest Aware subscription?

The documentation says:

“In order for your product to access the last event URLs, the user must have an active Nest Aware subscription, and you must select one of the camera “+ images” permissions for your product.”

Technical article

Support article