No write permission but permission given



I am trying to to set temperature and hvac mode through API. In the product details I have given read/write permission for thermostat and away.

However, when sending a PUT request I am getting:

  "error": "No write permission(s) for field(s): hvac_mode",`
  "type": "",
  "message": "No write permission(s) for field(s): hvac_mode",
  "instance": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  "details": {
"fields": "hvac_mode"

I am able to change from Home to Away and vice versa but no other settings.

Any help would be much appreciated.


After you set your permissions and save, try getting a fresh token.


After updating your permissions, to include the write capability, you can also “allow” then new permissions from the Nest app.


thanks for your suggestions.

It appears that I was using wrong address, i.e. sending put to a structure instead of devices/thermostats.

All working perfectly now.