Not Able to Update the Device Parameters Using API via Ajax jquery($.ajax)


Hi There,

I am developing a Web Application using HTML and Javascript to retrieve and update the details of the available Structure( eg thermostat read and write the values to thermostat). I am using the event source to stream the data from the devices and displaying it on the HTML Page.

The challenge here is I am not able to write the values to the device(update the device parameter values) using the PUT method of NEST API. I am able to update using the Postman.

Below are my Questions

  1. Can we update the device parameters using normal $.ajax() call using API.
  2. If Not, what is the recommend way to do that? Do we have any examples using javascript
  3. If Yes, how can we do that, I tried various node.js stuffs, no luck :frowning:

Any help or reference is highly appreciated :slight_smile: