Oops! error: Undefined is not a function (evaluating 'n.includes(e)')


This is the error message (Oops! and all) served by Nest when the login attempt is made for some of my users. It is in fact right now blocking my app from being reviewed by Apple, because they’ve run into this same error message, using the same login credentials that for me work perfectly.

I really can’t explain it, but I can see that the message is coming from the Nest login page sequence, before my app is even really doing anything. The problem is occurring within the Mac app, that is presenting the login page in the webview, only seems to happen in rare instances, and doesn’t seem to be tied to a specific user account.

I believe this problem has started happening after the Nest login page redesign - previously it had a multi step procedure for switching from one user to another, now it just requires pressing the “Not you?” link - so I can see that something has been changed recently


I can tell you that this error happens before user has a chance to log in. Right after API’s launchAuthFlow(); OAuth tries to show the login screen but gets stuck showing this error.


So the user doesn’t even have a chance to enter their credentials when this error occurs?

I’ve made an attempt to fix this by replacing the WebView with WKWebView in my app. The app has now passed the app review, so maybe this worked - but it’s hard to say, considering how the problem appeared so rarely to begin with.


Im getting this error when attempt to login from my Galaxy S4 testing smartphone. However when im testing t on my Galaxy S6 Auth it works without issues.


Do they both use the same web browser? I’m hoping the problem is only appearing on older web browsers, which would conveniently explain why it worked for the app store review person once I switched over to WKWebView. Sadly I can’t reach the one user of the app who complained about this, to ask if the newest version is now working for him.


You were right on the browser issue. Once updated the problem went away. Thanks!