Personal access tokens?


Many web services out there have a concept of a personal access token. That is, an API key that you create on your account for personal API access, without having to create a full application, since it’s just for your use. GitHub is an example of a well done workflow, where it’s easy to create access tokens for specific things in addition to building full applications that are able to use the access tokens similarly?

Does Nest support anything like that?

I have been working on integrating Nest with Home Assistant, an open source platform, and asking users to create developer accounts, and then create a product for their own use definitely increases the barrier to entry.


Nest only gives personal access tokens, however they are personal to the user and not the developer. You can generate access tokens using OAuth 2.0. Postman is my favorite tool.


That’s not quite what I mean. To get a access token, you’d need to create a product first, and then use postman. See for an summary of how it works for GitHub.

The main difference is that personal access tokens would be creatable for a user without having to create a product, since it’s just for personal use rather than for distribution as a product.


Yeah I follow but the Nest architecture isn’t built that way. User accounts and developer accounts aren’t tied together as far as the API is concerned. Tokens are always generated by a user account that grant access to a developer to make calls.


Why are my posts being marked as spam? Is it because I mentioned the open source project I was working on integration for?


Closing the loop publicly for those who are curious. It was an overprotective spam filter.