Process for updating max users on a Works with Nest Integration


What is the process for increasing the max users for an existing Works with Nest Integration?

We have hit our limit of 10k users on our Works with Nest integration, and are now seeing an error on new users trying to enroll using our integration.



Please send a message through the developer console about it, and I’ll ask someone to take a look.


@jbumgardner Any info on when client reviews are going to be accepted again? I think that message went up in August.

I’m about to hit the 50 client limit and it seems like I have no options. (I sent a message via the developer console, but that went unanswered.) I imagine there’s going to be a long list of apps to review when it opens up again, too, so I’m worried I’m going to have to be turning away customers for a while.


Thanks, will do.