Protect Motion API?


Whilst I understand that the Nest Protect is a safety device, and things such as access to the siren may not be possible due to regulations, will the Nest Protect ever expose its motion API?

I know it has a nightlight function built in, but due to the location of it and size of our hallway, it doesn’t really do a lot. I’d love to be able to turn on my hallway lamps when motion is detected, as at the moment, turning on the hallway light manually wakes people up

PS. I know this is not currently possible, however I swear I read something about Nest exposing the motion API at some point


The protect isn’t always connected to the service. They only ever connect when there is a problem, or a generic check-in every few hours. Motion data for the thermostat sent daily I believe, not immediately.

It’s not currently on the roadmap to get protect motion alerts into the API.


Ah really, thats a bummer. Even for the wired ones?

I assume the Protect is communicating with the Thermostat in real-time though to assist with Home/Away control?


I believe motion events are time-stamped then sent when they connect to the service, or when there is an alarm.


It is a pity that it is not possible to have the information of presence of nest protect (or the state of the white light) for a use of home automation. It would be really interesting (security and thermostat control)! Ask your developers please!


So how does the protect actually help the thermostat determine if someone is “home” if it only sends data every few hours?


It uses motion + timestamp to help build a learned schedule.


I would love to be able to use nest protect as motion sensor that talks to other home automation devices. As an example to turn lights on/off when it detects motion.


I would like that too. I plan to have motion detectors in the ceiling next to my protects. This would reduce the clutter, and possibly make me buy more protects to get the motion (with some added protection).

Frankly, a protects is not that much more expensive than a good quality motion detector. I would probably just default to use protects as motion detectors throughout my house.


+1 to this one. Send motion events immediately!


I would also like to see a way to start the alarm via REST.
Specifically, I have other devices in my home that can detect intrusions, and would like to use the Protect as an alarm.
Obviously this would be very useful for the Nest environment as well, as Nest Secure (maybe also Nest Cam) could use the Protect for alarm too.


I would like to upvote and add my encouragement to this enhancement request.
It seems a bit obvious that Nest’s own Guard Home/Away algorithm should use Motion Alert data from the Protect(s) for those of us who have wired versions that are network persistent. That info should be available via API as well.


Another +1

I would love to be able to use my wired Protects to indicate motion in the room, and declutter the install by removing a dedicated motion detector.


This would be great, I agree! I’d buy more if it had this functionality.


Add another request for motion events. Thanks.



This feature would make it easier for home automation enthusiasts to justify paying the premium for the Nest Protect vs other cheaper alternatives.


+1 for using the Protect for motion detection.


+1 from me too for motion detection.


+1 my family loves this feature on our next protects.
If I could harness it’s motion detection I could trigger further events.


+1 for me too, when it is in there, you should be able to use it!