Protect Motion API?


Please, for the love of God, add this to your API! I’ve been asking for this for over a year!!

I would love to walk into my hallway, at night, and have these turn on/off my lights as I go downstairs to get water without needing to fumble with switches or talk to my Google Home and potentially wake people up.

I live in a house that has one in every room, the upstairs hallway and the downstairs. I understand it could be a power-drain on non-wired, but make this available in wired or both, but feature off by default and able to be turned-on.

As a Google-owned product and with Google wanting to spearhead Smart Homes, this is a crucial element to assist us with that exact endevour!


Realtime motion events and the ability to trigger the alarm should definitely be added to the API.
The ability to trigger the alarm through the API is particularly important so that Nest can be interlinked with other smart heat alarms in the same property. Interlinking with heat alarms is necessary to meet building regulations/code in many countries (e.g. UK) where heat alarms are mandatory in Kitchens.


Same request here. A richer api makes a more valuable product. The wired ones definitely should be able to handle this.


Would love this. I’ve found the motion sensors on the protect to be really impressive. I’d love to leverage them in home assistant.



Would love to see this as well. When the nest structure is set to away I would love to have notifications about motion in my structure. Please add this…