Question about Multiplex method


I want to integrated our lights to Nest.(The lights are made by our company,just like Hue).
And I have tried the examples of js code and java code.
But I still have some question about how to begin the integration.
I see from your doc that our service can ust Multiplex method to listen the update of the nest devices.
But you know that there are so many users of ours products. But you have a limitation of 50 users for the Multiplex method.
Then how can I do with it?
And where should I create Multiplex connection, if in the android side, then if user turn off the app, then the app can’t get the update,right?(It can’t control lights either!)
If I create Multiplex connection in our server,then if the new user want to change his lights, then I need to close the Multiplex connection, and then add the oauth token to the token list and create Multiplex connection again? But there are two many users for our products, it is not a good idea to close the Multiplex connection and create Multiplex connection again and again all the time,right?(You api don’t support add new token at runtime to the connect!)
Could you please give me some guidence about how to start,just as other third company?


Closing and reopening the multiplex connection with an adjusted set of access tokens doesn’t involve deauthorization. So customers shouldn’t notice anything wrong because a close/reopen should be a matter of seconds.


Hi,thank you for your quick response.
If I have 75 users, so there are 75 tokens.
But the limitation for the connections is 50.
So I have to make multiplex connect for the 50 tokens, and then do another connection for the 25 tokens,right?
Is there any way to adjust the limitaton?



Thank for your response.

So now there is limitation of 50 user token for one Multiplex connection.

If there any way to increase the limitation?

What if we have 75 users .eg?



If you have 75 users you’ll have to create two multiplex connections. Perhaps one has 50 and one has 25. Or 40/30, it’s up to you how to manage the connections, but 50 is a hard limit per connection.