Reset target temperature to schedule


I need to temporarily override temperature by a few degrees, and then reset targets back to what it was before my change. I do not want to rely on application keeping state, so I’d like to be able to reset target to last scheduled setting. But I don’t see anywhere in the API mentioning of scheduling, and I don’t see a way to reset. Is there such an ability?


Scheduling isn’t exposed in the API, so the only way to do that is to manage the state separately when you want to temporarily override. Or you can adjust the schedule to account for this, but I don’t know what triggers the need for your use case of overriding.


This is a real bummer. I’m putting together a home zoning system, and when I need to condition the air in another room, without impacting room where thermostat is located, I need to override the temperature to turn the equipment on, while closing dampers in that room. When I reach target in another zone, I need to “go back” to schedule, which might be a different set point from where I started.


Hi, I’m also interested in this - or an alternative way of doing it. I’ve only had the Nest for about a week and still learning all its features and API.

I’ve built a house alarm using a Particle Photon, when I arm my Alarm i use the Nest API - “target_temperature_c”: 16
This then sets the Nest temp to 16c

If I send this message in the middle of a schedule - then the heat is turned down to 16c - works perfectly.
However if I return to the house during that same schedule I want to automatically return to current schedule.
I looked at the ‘Away’ status - however this feature has been removed from the API so is no longer a option.

Is there a better way of doing this?
I’d like to be able to tell the Nest I’ve left and then another message I’ve returned.


I’m interested in this feature too.

A big gap in Nest’s current stat product is the ability to have multi-zone OpenTherm control, and I am trying to bridge that gap (for my own house) with software, until the Nest product line catches up.

My ‘use case’ is creation of a multi-zone Nest system that uses one HeatLink/Nest as the “master” which connects to the boiler via OpenTherm.

I want to accomplish this by using the “slave” nest(s) to set the target temperature of the “master” nest. This is fine, until you consider schedules that exist on the master. When the slave sets the temperature of the master, it will override whatever schedule is currently active (this is fine!) but when I want to “undo” the slave’s setting (e.g. the slave zone switches off) then I want to restore the state of whatever the master was doing before the slave interfered.

The simple way of doing this is to save the master’s target temp BEFORE first overriding it, then restoring it afterwards. However, if a master’s schedule activates during the period the slave is active, this will not work.

So an ability to restore the default/scheduled temp, or place the stat into a temporary override state which can later be cancelled, would help tremendously here!


That’s exactly my use case too, and it’s a bummer. I’m using “slave” thermostats in other rooms. What I ended up doing is saving a checksum for thermostat data, and then rolling back by same number of degrees when I need to get back to the baseline. (Search for “override”)