REST Streaming concurrent users limitations



Thanks for your awesome work at Nest.

We are starting an application with more than 100,000 users.
We wanna connect mobile applications directly to Nest cloud and there is no server to server connection to Nest then.
As long as we wanna use Nest streaming both in Android and iOS using SSE, I wonder to know how many concurrent connections each defined project in consol can have? Is there any limitations on this? I’ve definitely read the rate limits here
which doesn’t have clear answer for this!
Imagine 10K users are gonna be connected with Nest Streaming method to Nest server, does it work?

Appreciate your answers on this,


Any thoughts on this?!!!


Hi Elyas,
I believe rate limits are more likely to become an issue with REST polling, not so much with REST streaming, because with REST streaming one request can stay open, as needed.

However, with REST streaming (AKA server-sent events [SSE] or EventSource), you need one connection/socket for each user. 10,000 users means 10,000 connections.

I found the spec on server-sent events here:

We don’t place a technical upper limit on the number of concurrent REST streaming users.

However, keep in mind that if your product is going to have more than 50 users, it must go through the review process, as described here:



Hi Betsyl,

Thanks for your clear answer on this.
Yeah my concern was because its gonna be connection per token and it means a lot of open connections which no limitations was noted in Nest documentations or review guid lines.
Although, if the design be server to server connections, its gonna be the same number of concurrent connections (if we don’t use multiplex).

Your answer says Nest does not care whether we have 10K open connections from server to Nest server or from mobile/web app to Nest server. Which is nice. We just need to get approved in number of users during Nest review process.

Thank you