Restructuring the nest developer program and the availability of developer services


We have been working on our device integration for the past 2 years and since november we are unable to go through the review program, nor find any information about a timeline of the new program release. Our fragile startup would be severely affected by this and we don’t seem to be able to find any answers from Nest about what to expect.

I appreciate some advise and help


Per the announcement, we’re currently not accepting new integrations into the WWN program/store. You’ll have to wait until we announce the new details of the program, and unfortunately I don’t have details on when that will be exactly.

well. that sucks.

I don’t mean to be rude or arrogant, but this is a very unprofessional and unexpected response from a company like Nest. The program has gone simply offline since November, if I’m not mistaken, no date is provided and despite follow ups, not only no one responds to the questions submitted through the account and yet no one provides any concrete answers or dates. This simply means, betting on collaboration with Nest is a wrong decision by the developers, because the attitude is simply the irresponsible and inconsiderate.

I am a Nest thermostat customer and I simply want to integrate them into my Smarthings home automation setup. At this point, my only option is to drop Nest, sell them on Craigslist and then buy Ecobee thermostats. Is that what Nest is trying to do by shutting down the developer options?

We have a fire safety app for the cognitively impaired and have been recommending Protect to people in anticipation of being able to integrate with the devices.

There has been no information from Google / Nest since November. My simulator just hangs, so we can’t develop.

I tried calling support but they punted me to this forum. So I put it to you- are you closing access to the Protect?

The direction of our development hangs on your answer.

Thank you
Leslie Dwight