Seasonal preset programs will help 99% of your user base


When programming thermostats there should be a way to save a program to apply seasonally. In Arizona, our summertime program matches our power company time-of-use program and we run that program 8 months of the year. Then, in winter, we would run an entirely different program. As summer approaches again, I would like to be able to load my “Summer” program and apply it to all thermostats. For many customers, they would have at least 2 if not 3 or 4 programs to load. Ideally, they should set the times in which the load them. My power company has specific days when the program would need to be applied for optimal savings and I would love to preload that. I can do that now with my Venstar wireless thermostats at my rental. Time of Use sample


Let me just add the reason for such a need is that the system designed to ‘learn’ your behavior to avoid programming, while fantastic for many, simply doesn’t work for people like me with unpredictable schedules. Sometimes I’m at an office, sometimes working from home, sometimes traveling for a week. There’s no way the system can predict my behavior and thus a program is my only solution.

Right now, programming thermostats is very, very cumbersome.