Send custom notifications to Nest App


Is it possible to send custom notifications to the Nest app?

I want to use a Nest IQ Cam as a doorbell cam, but use my existing doorbell, which is an antique brass mechanical pull thing attached to a real bell. As such I don’t want to install a Nest Hello and replace my very nice brass doorbell. My thought is to detect the pull on my existing doorbell with a sensor and use an API call to notify the App so that I can then open up the camera view and talk to the person at the door. Is this possible/feasible? I haven’t found any such API endpoint in the docs yet.

Thanks in advance.


That’s a good question, and I’m not sure if you already have the camera set up or not, but based on the API, you would have read/write access to “is_streaming” and the other fields (such as ‘last_event’ fields) are read-only. This field “is_streaming” can set the camera on or off:
So maybe you can set this to true from your sensor application, so can start streaming images when the doorbell rings. But you would probably want the camera on all the time if it was the only one in that area. Thanks and good luck!


Just to note that another idea is that the doorbell sound might activate the ‘has_sound’ and ‘has_person’ events (if a person was there) and you could interact with the camera through it’s built-in features, or use the API to listen to these events.


There are probably a few workarounds you could do with the API in regards to notifications, as Becky pointed out, but you can’t send custom notifications to the Nest App.