Seondary Input(s) for Nest Thermostat control


The location of the thermostat is in a moronic location – the kitchen, so the house temperature is always off either because some is cooking, or the system goes into Eco because no one has passed by.

I haven’t had the opportunity to look through the API, but is it possible to tell the Nest to control its temperature from another source via WiFi (like a raspberry Pi or Ardunio)?

Can I tell it someone is around (Preferred over turning the eco system off?)

Moving the thermostat wiring is not an option unfortunately.


Hi there,

Have you looked into getting a ThermoPeanut by
You can set a high and low thresholds in the app and have it adjust your thermostat accordingly.
I believe you can also setup an IFTTT rule to switch the thermostat from ECO at certain times. Another rule engines like Stringify can help you do that as well. If you want to find more integrations that could possibly match your case, you can look through our Works With Nest catalog.


This looks like exactly what I want for adjusting my thermostat.

Reading some of the threads, it sounds like there’s no way to wake the nest from ECO.
There is an appalling lack of information as to the direction the API is heading and not even any info on what features are planned on being implemented.

I may have to create my own DIY Nest equivalent if I want these features. I see people have already waited 2 or more years for basic hot water and motion APIs. Perhaps Nest isn’t doing any internal development on their APIs.