Setting up a central monitoring system for nest sensors in a number of buildings


Hi, I’m new here.

I work for a company managing a number of flats (30 or so). I would like to install a nest protect in each flat, and be able to access the api to be informed of any alerts from any of these sensors. What would be the best way of doing so, as I am effectively both the app owner, and the user (nest owner), and the docs don’t really seem to provide for this.

Edit: Progress so far, I have a single nest protect, under a single user, and I am able to access the details of it from the api. Can I associate this user with more than one structure?


There is a limit of 18 Protects per structure, and a limit of 3 structures per account. So if you only have ~30 then you could put them all on the same account (user), but you’ll have to split them between structures. If you authorize the API with that account you should be able to see everything at once.