Silent Login To Control Nest Thermostat?



We are developing a mobile app (iOS and Android) for a builder developing a condo complex. The idea of this app would be able to control the Nest thermostats for a specific condo unit based on a residents’ credentials they used to log into the mobile app.

Each condo unit will have one or more Nest thermostats but probably not more than three.

The idea is we would have either one or two Nest accounts per floor. The Nest accounts would be owned by the builder/property manager. All Nest thermostats would be registered to these Nest accounts during install time.

Since these accounts and the thermostats are the property of the builder/property manager can we do a silent authorized connection to the Nest Services? With your Oauth2 seems like you always request the Nest account credentials to be entered as a webview in the app. But in this case the Nest accounts don’t belong to the resident/user of the app. They belong to the builder/property manager which the Nest thermostats have been registered to.


WWN isn’t really designed to work in that manner…it assumes the user has a Nest account and is integrating a Nest product they own with a 3rd party product.

One option is for the resident to sign up at and be added as a family member to the property manager’s account for that unit. That or have their requests via your app be sent to the API using the property manager’s authorization credentials on a backend service you maintain.


Thank you jbumgardner for the reply.