Snapshot to personal webpage


I would like to use nest cam outdoor to upload a snapshot to a personal webpage Either on some time interval or on a page load. I saw another thread where it looked like this was possible but didn’t necessarily explain how to do it. Could someone walk me through step by step what I would need to do to accomplish this? I am not a developer- just a hobbyist with a website - so while I am somewhat computer savvy I am a bit lost on how to access the snapshot URL for my camera.

Here is the thread I was talking about: Embed a Nestcam snapshot in a website


Hi there, I highly suggest you run through our Quick Start Codelab:

That steps you through the whole process… creating a dev account, a client, authorization, read/write calls, etc. It uses a virtual thermostat as the device but everything would be the same for a camera, just different permissions and endpoints.

Documentation links that will be helpful


Thanks! Very helpful.