Streaming from indoor, outdoor cams


I read forums and other source and got a problem. Video stream is unavailable in your API. I am from company that works with smart home devices (more detailed: We want to integrate your Nest Camera in our platform. But video stream from Nest camera is necessary for the integration.
Do you have any advices?


When you say “video stream is unavailable” what do you mean exactly? What error do you get, and are you using a real camera?


I mean, displaying video in consumer iridium i3pro project or iridium i3lite module without browser. Now it is happened only with snapshot uri.


What happens when you try to access the snapshot_url?

Also be aware that there are rate limits on this field:


No, with snapshot we have not problem. We want integrate video as snapshot.


Okay, sorry I was confused by your previous response. I’m not sure what streaming url you’re trying to use, or if you have a Nest Aware subscription, or what region you’re in. If you can provide specific details on your setup and exactly what you’re doing in the API, I can better help.

Otherwise, everything should be explained in the documentation:


Let me describe the problem over again. Seems like we have missunderstanding.
I am working for company that develops app for smart home device and we want to integrate your Nest camera in our app. We want to simply show camera image in our app without anything else.
The problem is that I didn’t find any command to get direct stream from Nest camera in your API. I found followed commands for camera image:
• public_share_url - it is require more actions from consumer and return url requires a browser and input any password.
• snapshot_url - it is integrated and good working, but it is static, consumer need a video.
• web_url - it is return url requires a browser and input login and password.
So, how you can see there 2 command where I need browser and 1 command (snapshot) where I get static image. Do you have some command that works like snapshot but for dynamic camera stream? So we can place camera image right in our app without invoking browser and anything else.


Ah ok, I understand what you’re trying to do now, thanks for the clarification.

Unfortunately there’s no way to directly stream the live camera feed within a non-Nest application using the Nest API. You have to redirect the user to one of the two browser options as you described (public_share_url or web_url).