Subnet being blocked



I’ve made an app to poll the API for some information. I’ve tested it fine locally against the API. However, when I roll it out to my production environment which is at a VPS provider, I’m getting some issues with ‘Max retries exceeded with url’. I thought my code might have gone haywire, but when I waited 24 hours and tried again, it didn’t work.

I have access to another VPS and I rolled the same code out there and attempted to use it and it worked fine, sadly this environment doesn’t have the infrastructure I need to support the application.

I’m beginning to think there is someone else on my VPS subnet that is misbehaving and I’m being caught inbetween. Is there anyway to see if my production VPS is being penalized because of someone else on the network? It doesn’t make sense why the code is working in two other locations but in this one environment max retries are being hit when I’m running the code for the first time.