(suggestion) Activity zones and home awa / assist



Please forgive me if this is this is not the right section I am very pressed for time and cannot find a mpre relevant place.

I am wanting to suggest that Nest considers adding home away assist per activity zone.
For example zone 1 might send notification when at home or when not at home but zone 2 would only send notifications when not at home.

Why? Well i have a motorcyle and a car i have a nest cam outdoor pointing at them, zone 1 is the car i get notification all the time for this. But Zone 2 is the bike when i take the bike someone is always walking in or past my zone which “falsely” triggers the alarm, which is really annoying. However I need zone 2 giving notifications all of the time, because nobody walks in or past zone 1 abyway due to its location.

Well thats all, thanks for hearing me and thanks for the product.