Support for Nest Thermostat E



Please note that the WWN API supports the Thermostat E, except for the Thermostat E with Heat Link in the EU. That version of the device will not appear in the WWN API.

Unable to see Nest Thermostat E in API, in third party apps or listed in home simulator

Does this include support for the endpoint? At the moment I cannot see my device in the api, I’m authing correctly and my application has the correct permissions to list it but when I run

curl -L\?auth\=${TOKEN}

I get returned a pair of curly braces with no content:


I have contacted support and their suggestion was that the api was still in development. Is this true and, if so, is it still on the roadmap?


I have now downloaded and tested with the Nest Home Simulator; using the same token as above, when I add a virtual thermostat to my existing account I can see it when querying the API, which confirms that permissions and auth are correct for my application, but I just can’t see my Thermostat E for some reason.

Thermostat not appearing in JSON output

If you are using the new Thermostat E with Heat Link in the EU, it unfortunately is not supported in the WWN API. When authorizing it there should be a disclaimer on the auth screen about it.

I’ve updated the above announcement.

Also, the docs need to be updated to mention that, which I’ll get done, apologies.

Thermostat in Manual Mode, not available in the API

Thanks for the reply, are there any plans to support this in the future?


There are no plans for support at this time.


A connected thermostat, not available through an api :confused:

Hard to listen this.

I hope it will be handled soon, really. I’ve bough this one to plug it into Hass. Now i’m stuck.


So one thing that needs clarification here: if we are in the EU and use the Nest E but without Heatlink. Will the API work or not?


The EU version of Thermostat E will not work with the API period, whether you use the Heatlink or not.


I’ve only just found this out after installing Thermostat Es in my house. Meaning the “Works with Nest” eTRV I’ve also bought are now useless as well, as your API is mysteriously missing so they can’t connect.

So that’s £500 worth of equipment, all sold on the basis that it’s connected, and your website not making it clear to the public that all the “works with Nest” stuff isn’t applicable for the EU/UK version of E.

Someone, somewhere owes me £500 back! :rage:


Oh, this is highly disappointing. Is there any reason why the api isn’t supported? It’s one of the reasons I went for this thermostat.