Support for Nest Thermostat E


It’s been months you guys say, stay tuned for the information on restructuring the developer program. Why not providing a tentative date? Is it going to be 1 month, 2, 6, 12 or 24 months?

This is simply an inconsiderate approach to startups like ours that rely heavily on integration and want to build around your product lines. I’m sure you understand while Nest was startup itself just a few years ago.

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The silence on this subject is deafening… Very disappointing… Especially the fact that they don’t want to explain why they frustrate the end user is mind bogling to me.

I bought my last Nest product and I’m gonna sell the Thermostat E.

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Is there no way anyone from Nest can comment on this? Very disappointing indeed.

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Jeff, any more news on this one?

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What a huge disappointment. I bought and installed the Nest E here in the Netherlands, specifically to control it using Domoticz. Just sad that after over 5 months of knowing about this inexplicable deficiency, it’s still not solved. And still there’s not a word of explanation. Luckily, I’m in my 8-day grace period so I can send the unit back for a full refund.


Can we please get an update on this issue? I really want to use the API functionalities for my thermostat E