Temperature sensor API


The new temperature sensors are now available to the public - I got mine yesterday - but I don’t see an API available for it. Is there a separate API or permissions required to read the senors data?The iPhone app bundles the sensor temperature with the thermostat, but I don’t see that returned in the thermostat devices json. Is an API for the temperature sensors available yet?


Hi @luisv, we are still working on releasing this and other features in our API.
Stay tuned for more exciting things!


@Luva Can you provide any insight as to whether we will be able to read individual temperature sensors linked to a thermostat in addition to the temperature reported by the thermostat itself? I understand that the API is still in development, but any kind of roadmap with proposed features would be helpful in making current purchasing decisions. I look forward to the release of the new API and hope that its release is not too far way.


I am the developer of ThermoStats for Android and have gotten several requests to support the temperature sensors. Is development of the Nest SDK for Android being prioritized as well?

I think we would also need support for the temperature sensor in the Nest Home Simulator.


We are still in the process of scoping out which specific features to include in the release. We take into account each one of the requests here on the community, therefore it is very useful for us to know what specific features you’re looking forward to see the most.

  1. I want to know the temperature of each temp sensor
  2. I want to read/write which sensor used by thermostat.

Did temp sensor have other readings?


The features I’m looking for:

  1. Read temperature and any other data for each sensor individually
  2. Know what thermostat they are associated with
  3. Read/write which sensor is used by the thermostat


I’m looking for a way to feed a remote temperature reading from a device other than the Nest Temperature Sensor.

I have homemade temperature sensors that I used with my previous non-Nest thermostat, which presented a local endpoint for setting a remote temperature. I want to have temperature reporting from different rooms, selected by presence detection.


Read/Write for home automation:

  1. Read temp for use in home automation rules
  2. Set which sensor is used by the thermostat

For example:

  • Set which sensor is associated to thermostat based on what room we’re in (using our light & motion sensors)
  • Turn on the ceiling fan based on sensor temperature reading, particularly when its not the one the thermostat is using.
  • Perhaps other rules & logic to set which sensor should be used by the thermostat.


Is there a way to expedite the API release? I am really looking forward to integrate the Nest Temperature Sensors with a Smart Vent product. Thanks.


I just want to echo the request to expedite the API enhancements for the Nest Temperature Sensor. It is a bit disappointing that this was not available when the product was released, did Nest not anticipate this would be a killer feature for the home automation crowd?


This is what I’m wondering. I’m also confused as to what would make releasing an API take so long for what should be a rather simple and straightforward set of features. While I like the idea of being able to use other sensors to feed temperature data (I have several ESP devices that serve this purpose by submitted data via MQTT) as suggested by trisk I can understand how that implementation might take some time. Since the sensors already work correctly via the app the plumbing is clearly already there, we just need an endpoint exposed so that we can get access to it. Can we get some sort of ETA on that at the very least?


Wow, radio silence for so many days? I used to wonder why so many people are moving to ecobee instead of Nest. It’s started to make sense now.


Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. At the current moment in time we are working on improving our service before we move on towards adding new features to the API. We want to make sure all of our developers have a good and stable experience before we can actually add more functionality/features. As soon as we have news regarding the additional API’s the community will have an updated post. So stay tuned.

Thank you!


Hi @Luva, at the same time, will Nest take a hard look at its Nest Review process for app submission?

I’ve followed the Nest guidelines and even checked the Nest videos posted on youtube for certification guidance, but every time I submitted my SmartThings integration app to the review process, a new list of issues will pop up (sometimes without any references to the list of Nest guidelines)…

I know that the ST integration is a bit different from regular IoS or Android app, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to make an app certified by Nest…I’ve done many ST integrations (ecobee, Automatic, Flair, etc) in the past, and I can tell you that being certified by Nest is by far the most challenging…When a developer invests hundreds of hours of her/his own time for a Nest Integration, Nest should make it easier for the developers to be certified…

IMHO, the current Nest review process impedes innovation and discourage any developers’ commitment to Nest.

Just my 2 cents here.


Hello @romain_gary.
We treat our customer’s data privacy very seriously, therefore the product review process exists in order to verify compliance with the Terms of Service and Product Review guidelines. It seems like in the past your integration might have requested large amounts of permissions to access data the application didn’t need or automated things it shouldn’t automate - like Home/Away transitions.The ST applications are not a standard case since the user has to actually copy/paste code in order to make it work. Therefore the user can actually create their own developer account and use their own client id and secret and you won’t need to get an increase in users.


The purpose of an integration with a Home Automation platform (such as SmartThings) is to expose any Nest attributes that may be useful for HA purposes (so Home/Away transitions are definitively useful as users want to set their devices to Away or Home based on their own custom HA rules and motion/presence sensors at home)…

Anyway, I will no longer post my comments here as my comments were more about some general feedback about the Nest Certification process, and not necessarily related to my own ST integration certification.

Hoping for Nest APIs and review process enhancements in the future…


Any news as to when this will be available? Will it at least be this year?


I know I asked this before, but it’s been nearly three weeks since my last message. Any updates? Dropping in to thank us for our suggestions and comments while providing no estimation on availability and then going radio silent sends the wrong message. Currently my interpretation is that you don’t truly value your developers and instead think that we’ll be satisfied by empty patronizing statements which is not just frustrating, it’s actually rather insulting. Please let us know what’s going on so we aren’t left to interpret the silence with conclusions such as the one I just stated.


Seeing the same issue with the API for Secure… Waiting for both of these for quiet some time.

EDIT: now that I’m looking, its seems like there have no new API releases. None for Yale lock, Hello, Secure…
With no real updates for release ETAs or any information at all