Temperature sensor API

Hello @romain_gary.
We treat our customer’s data privacy very seriously, therefore the product review process exists in order to verify compliance with the Terms of Service and Product Review guidelines. It seems like in the past your integration might have requested large amounts of permissions to access data the application didn’t need or automated things it shouldn’t automate - like Home/Away transitions.The ST applications are not a standard case since the user has to actually copy/paste code in order to make it work. Therefore the user can actually create their own developer account and use their own client id and secret and you won’t need to get an increase in users.

The purpose of an integration with a Home Automation platform (such as SmartThings) is to expose any Nest attributes that may be useful for HA purposes (so Home/Away transitions are definitively useful as users want to set their devices to Away or Home based on their own custom HA rules and motion/presence sensors at home)…

Anyway, I will no longer post my comments here as my comments were more about some general feedback about the Nest Certification process, and not necessarily related to my own ST integration certification.

Hoping for Nest APIs and review process enhancements in the future…

Any news as to when this will be available? Will it at least be this year?

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I know I asked this before, but it’s been nearly three weeks since my last message. Any updates? Dropping in to thank us for our suggestions and comments while providing no estimation on availability and then going radio silent sends the wrong message. Currently my interpretation is that you don’t truly value your developers and instead think that we’ll be satisfied by empty patronizing statements which is not just frustrating, it’s actually rather insulting. Please let us know what’s going on so we aren’t left to interpret the silence with conclusions such as the one I just stated.

Seeing the same issue with the API for Secure… Waiting for both of these for quiet some time.

EDIT: now that I’m looking, its seems like there have no new API releases. None for Yale lock, Hello, Secure…
With no real updates for release ETAs or any information at all

No updates, nothing to share at this time.

Sounds like my interpretation was correct then. That’s rather unfortunate and more than a little disappointing.

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out of curiosity, since I imagine, like many company they might not want to give access to anybody until it reaches a certain quality standard. But is there like an early access preview system or mechanism? I work most of the time with the azure platform and other MS products and there’s previews, earlier previews. it’d be great to expedite new software and onboard new ideas and such

I too am anxious for the API to access the remote sensors. Come on Google, support your new devices!


@Luva @jbumgardner Just wanted to let you guys know I sold my Nests and bought Ecobee thermostats and sensors. The lack of support for viewing historical data for each of my devices is what drove me away. I want to see trends over time of temperature readings from my thermostats and temp sensors relative to outside temperature, Ecobee already provides a tool for this whereas with the Nest ecosystem there isn’t even API support for the temp sensors for me to pull this data on my own.


Do you have more information about this small/basic feature for remote temperature sensor ?

On the hardward side, the sensor seems very robust and well built.

At the software level, it’s very very light:

  • No graph
  • No warning / notification if temperature above / below one level.

Making this value available in the API will correct this.

2.2k views and not action from Nest for the moment … If you check announcements forums, no one topic have more view :smiley:

In addition I hope that the V2 will integrate a motion detector and humidity level.

Is it not possible to set a Safety Temperature for each sensor ??? :frowning:

What is going on with this. It should be a very basic feature to add?

Is there a possibility of reading humidity level of the area where the sensor is installed?

Any updates on this?

No update about this so simple request ?

Incredible that the API for these sensors has not yet been made public!

A very disappointing device and pretty much a waste of money as their +/- 2-degree sensitivity of the thermostat logic doesn’t regulate the temperature in the remote areas (those where the sensors are located) much better at all. Without access to the API, and thus the ability to create our own automation rules, these sensors are pretty much decorative items.


P.S. And when is Nest going to take advantage of that other Alphabet company’s capability (Google Maps) to be able to set up a smart geofence! Incredible that Nest is actively avoiding these features.

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If you check aqara temperature sensor, it’s make more job for 8$: temp, humidity and pressure …

And you can have a gateway for HomeKit …

It appears as though the aqara sensor requires its own Xiami gateway; yes?

It’s like Nest remote, you need a Nest thermostat :wink: